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We pride ourselves in keeping all of our equipment in excellent condition through constant and vigilant maintenance and repair.The following is a listing of the major pieces used in our logging operations.  Thank you for your interest!


1999 Pacific 1188 Swing Yarder                                                              1985 Berger C19IL Yarder - Slackline Yarder                    
1981 Washington 188 Yarder - Running Skyline                  
1979 Skagit BU739SP-Slackline Yarder         
1989 Link-Belt LS5800C-II-YARDER      

Log Loaders:   

2014 Madill 3800C Log Loader
1997 Linkbelt 4300 QTL Log Loader            
2000 Kobelco 330 Shovel Logger                             
2004 Madill 3800C Shovel Logger
2004 370 LXTL Linkbelt Shovel Logger               


2011 959K John Deere Feller Buncher
2005 Madill T2250B Feller Buncher            


2003 Waratah HTH624 Dangle Head w/2003 Madill 1238B Log Loader     
2004 Wartah 624 Dangle Head Processor w/2004 Madill 2850 Log Loader
2005 John Deere 2054 Loader-Waratah HTH622B Attachment      

Yarder Carriages:

Danebo MSP Carriage                          
Berger Carriage-Dropline                     
Basco Carriage-Shotgun                       
1987 Eagle I EID2511 Carriage-GREEN          
Danebo MSP Carriage-Dropline                 
Boman Mark III Skycar            

Log Trucks:

87 Kenworth Log Truck #2                     
2000 KW T800 Log Truck #3                    
96 Red Peterbuilt Log Truck #5       
2002 KW-T800 Mule Train #8                   
2003-KW T800 LT #9     


Grapple Skidder, Sky Cars, Dozers, Tail End Machines, Fire Trucks, Spool Trucks, Fuel Trucks, Etc.